UK Money Charts

Make use of our UK Money printable charts to impart the knowledge of the British Pound Sterling; the specific names of the coins, their denominations or how they are measured, designs on obverse and reverse of each coin for recognition, their place values and more to children of year 1 through year 4. Let's get started with knowing our money! Free worksheets are also included.

UK Coins

Familiarize year 1 kids with the currency coins used in the United Kingdom, with this printable PDF showing, both the observe and reverse of each coin, its name and denomination to establish identity.

UK Notes

Help kids identify the paper money of the country that is measured in pounds and shown using the symbol. The chart displays both sides of the currency and their values.

UK Coins and Notes

Take advantage of this integrated display of pence and pounds all rolled into this single printable chart, for kids to identify and review the names and values of each currency distinctly, and also in relation to the other.

UK Coins | Obverse and Reverse

Have children of year 1 and year 2 know the design that each coin depicts with this PDF chart. All the circulating coins have an effigy of Queen Elizabeth on the obverse, and a part of the Royal Shield of Arms on the reverse.

UK Money | Place Value Chart

Reinforce the monetary value of the UK currency with this simple yet explicit chart denoting place value of the denominations. Children will find this especially helpful in counting money.

UK Money | Equivalency Chart

For year 3 and year 4 kids be able to count money, they must know how much each coin is worth. Our equivalency chart will be immensely useful in making kids practice and remember this effortlessly.

Printable UK Money Cut-outs

Involve primary school pupils in a variety of fun activities to teach them all about UK pound sterling, the oldest existing currency, with our multi-purpose chart. Cut them out and let the creativity flow.

UK Coins | Cut & Glue Activity

How about enjoying some hands-on activity that all year 3 kids would eagerly get started with? Here's a cut and glue activity pdf of sorting the coins and their values to glue them in the appropriate columns.