Addition of Monomials | Polynomial Worksheets

A monomial is an algebraic expression containing only one term. Monomial addition worksheets are prepared with single and multi variables for two & three addends containing two levels of difficulty.

Adding two monomials: Single variable

These monomial worksheets introduce learners to summing up the like terms. Level 1 comprises of integers, and level 2 raises the bar by including both fractions & integers.

Two levels of difficulty with 5 worksheets each

Adding two monomials: Multivariable

These worksheets involve two or more variables in a term. Add the monomials and find the sum.

Two levels of difficulty with 5 worksheets each

Missing addend: Two addends

These worksheets present problems in horizontal format consisting of missing monomials. Observe each monomial available and identify the missing addend.

Adding three monomials: Single variable

This set of addition worksheets encompasses monomials with three addends. Add the monomials to find the sum.

Adding three monomials: Multivariable

Find the sum of three monomials. Each monomial contains two or more variables.

Stock up your library with the complete set of worksheets on adding monomials.