Subtracting Monomials Worksheets

This set of printable worksheets consists of subtracting monomials that are offered in multi-levels based on their coefficients. Over 25 worksheets are included for thorough practice. Subtracting monomials are recommended for high-school children. Sample our free worksheets and subscribe for complete access.

Subtracting monomial - Single Variable: Level 1

These level 1 worksheets include single variable expression, and the coefficients of the variables involved are integers. Subtract the monomials to identify the difference.

Subtracting monomial - Single Variable: Level 2

Level 2 worksheets contain monomials with coefficients in integers or fractions. Simplify the coefficients of the like terms to subtract the monomials.

Subtracting monomial - Multi-Variable: Level 1

This set of worksheets involves the monomials containing two or more variables. The coefficients of the monomials are in the integers. Subtract and find the solution.

Subtracting monomial - Multi-Variable: Level 2

Each worksheet contains ten problems subtracting monomials. The problems are arranged in horizontal format. Simplifying coefficients might be a little harder at this level.

Missing Terms

Find the missing monomials to complete the subtraction sentence. Use answer key to validate your response.

The entire collection of worksheets on subtracting monomials can be downloaded in a jiffy!