Arithmetic Series Worksheets

An arithmetic series is essentially the sum of the terms contained in an arithmetic sequence. Get high school students to solve this exclusive collection of printable worksheets on arithmetic series. Knowledge of relevant formulae is a prerequisite to evaluate the sum of an arithmetic series and determine the number of terms. Word problems included. Click on the free icons to sample our work.

Evaluate - Type 1: a, d, n are given

Observe each arithmetic sequence. Identify the first term - 'a', common difference - 'd' and number of terms - 'n' and substitute in the relevant formula to determine the sum of the arithmetic series.

Evaluate - Type 2: Summation Notations (Sigma)

The arithmetic series in this set of pdf worksheets is represented in summation notation (or sigma notation). Evaluate each arithmetic series.

Evaluate - Type 3: a, l, n are given

Based on the first term, last term and the number of terms provided in the worksheets, find the sum of the arithmetic series.

Evaluate - Mixed Review

Assess your skills in evaluating arithmetic series with this batch of printable worksheets that is a blend of the Type 1, 2 and 3. You should be able to deftly switch between pertinent formulae to find the sum of the series.

Determine the number of terms - Type 1: General form

Identify the first term and the common difference for each given series. Substitute the known values in the appropriate formula to determine the number of terms 'n'.

Determine the number of terms - Type 2: Summation notation form

All problems in this set of printable worksheets are depicted in summation notation (sigma). Based on the given sums, apply the relevant formula to find the number of terms.

Mixed Review

Test a high school student's grasp in solving problems on arithmetic series provided in various formats. Validate your responses with the corresponding answer keys.

Find a, d, n or l

Solve this array of simple word problems to determine first term, last term, common difference or the number of terms.

Arithmetic series word problems

This set of pdf worksheets contains well-researched real-life word problems based on arithmetic series.