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Infinite Geometric Series Worksheets

Access this plethora of printable infinite geometric series worksheets tailor-made for students of high school. The worksheets cover the major skills like determining the nature of the series (convergence or divergence), evaluating the sums of the infinite geometric series, summation notation, finding the first term and common ratio and more. Tap into some of these worksheets for free!

Converges or diverges

Observe each infinite geometric series provided in these pdf worksheets and jot down the 'r' value. The series converges when r lies between -1 and 1, or it diverges.

Evaluate Series: Type 1

Find the sum of the geometric series with the first term and common ratio using the relevant formula. Record 'No Sum' if the series diverges.

Evaluate Series: Type 2

Obtain 'a' and 'r' from the geometric series provided. Find the sums of the infinite series using the formula.

Evaluate Series: Type 3

Find the first term and common ratio to solve this series of Type 3 pdf worksheets that involve infinite geometric series in summation notation (sigma).

Evaluate Series: Mixed Review

These high school mixed worksheets comprise of a blend of problems from Type 1, 2 and 3. Determine the sum of each infinite geometric series.

Determine r (common ratio) / a (first term)

This set of printable worksheets encompasses 5 questions per page in the word format. The sum of the infinite geometric series is given. Find the missing parameters, the first term (a) or common ratio (r).