Counting to 5 Worksheets

The time when we first counted 1 to 5 is one of the brightest of all our learning memories. It felt like an uphill task for a while, but soon the numbers melted away in our mouth. Help your young versions in preschool and kindergarten achieve the same feat with our printable counting to 5 worksheets! The pdfs include recognizing the numerals 1 to 5 and their names, counting to 5 using pictures, coloring pictures according to the count, identifying the cardinality of a set of objects up to 5, and more. Our free worksheets make counting and number recognition super-easy!

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Count and Circle

Let preschool and kindergarten kids go bananas in the company of these hats, brooms, reindeer, lions, headphones, and more. Help them circle these as they count to the indicated number.

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Count and Color

Each number from 1 to 5 feels, smells, and sounds unique! In these coloring worksheets, spell the numbers out, go on counting the pictures up to the number, and color as many pictures as you count.

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Counting and Cardinality

As pivotal as early counting is, we leave no stone unturned in helping kids master this skill. In these pdf worksheets, they count objects to 5 in each set and circle the cardinality from 1 to 5.

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Count and Write

Watch the little tots hold the pencil and allow for the number master in them to spring to life! They count objects up to 5 in each set of sports accessories, vegetables, and animals and write the numbers in the box beside.

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Matching Equal Groups

Watch preschool and kindergarten champs counting 1 to 5 with all guns blazing! The task in this set of worksheets is for them to count the objects in each set and match it to an equivalent set, one with the same cardinality.

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Matching Objects and Numbers

Delight as your youngsters show a number wisdom well beyond their years! They repeat counting objects to 5 on the left and match the answer to the number on the right.

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Matching Number Names and Pictures

Upskill kids to confidently spell the names of numbers 1 to 5 with this printable worksheet set! Count the sets of objects and link them with the appropriate words that denote the cardinality.

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Number Charts

Enrapture children's number learning with these number charts equipped with a wide range of picture charts, theme-based displays, blank templates, and more. Enhance number recognition and counting skills.

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Sort and Count Worksheets

Practice sorting and counting at full throttle! Grab an invaluable wealth of themed worksheets that make the learning super-easy. Color objects, classify by properties, and compare to perfection. Categorizing objects is delivered!

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