Counting Word Problems Worksheets

Every walk of life has a counting story to tell. Prepare students of kindergarten through grade 5 to count with oodles of flair, finesse, and flamboyance using our printable counting word problems worksheets. Inspired from a plethora of vibrant themes, our carefully chosen, throbbing-with-life word problem scenarios are sheer counting treat. Also up for grabs are tally charts, picture graphs, bar graphs, and two-set Venn diagrams - all crackling with electrifying, slice-of-life counting practice. Access some worksheets for free!

Counting - Tally Graphs

It's time you upskilled children of grade 2 and grade 3 to represent the cardinality of a set using tally marks. They observe the tally graph, decode the number from tally marks, and answer the counting word problems below.

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Counting - Theme-Based Word Problems

A bakery, a pet shop, or a fruit shop, you're never away from a counting hotbed. In these counting word problems pdf worksheets for kindergarten, count the objects showcased in a variety of scenarios and answer a set of "how many" questions.

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Counting - Venn Diagrams

Here's a pdf task that the counting stars in 5th grade will cherish like a treasure trove. Let them study the Venn diagrams with two sets, count the items in each set, find which items are common to both sets, and crack the word problems.

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Classify, Count, and Compare

Sorting and comparing are cousins to counting! Together they make an awesome threesome. Classify the pictures by categories and count each category to say which items are the most, fewest, and so on.

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Counting - Picture Graphs

Discover how counting flourishes in the company of picture graphs with these printable counting word problems worksheets for 1st grade and 2nd grade. Count the farm animals in the graph to answer the questions that follow!

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Counting - Bar Graphs

With bar graphs, which boost counting by categories, 3rd grade and 4th grade students boast a new feather in their counting cap. Read the graph; count the boxes or use the scale to solve the word problems.

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