Division Facts Worksheets

This compilation contains worksheets on division facts emphasizing on each divisor ranging between 1 and 12; custom-made for children of grade 3 and grade 4. Divide the numbers horizontally with the divisor and complete the division statements. Employ the division tables and charts as a precursor to the division facts exercises featured in this package.

Division Fact - 1

Any number divided by 1 is the number itself. Help kids comprehend this basic division fact with adequate exercises for elementary school children.

Division Fact - 2

This unit of dividing by 2 worksheets focuses on the fact that any number divided by 2 will give its half. Divide each number horizontally by 2 and complete the division sentence.

Division Fact - 3

Put the division skills of grade 3 kids to test with this pack. Divide each number in this compilation by 3. Fill in the quotient to complete the division fact.

Division Fact - 4

Quickly recall the division statements of 4, compute the quotient and complete the fact by dividing each number by 4.

Division Fact - 5

Reiterate the 5 times table of division and plug in the quotient to complete the division equations presented in these worksheets.

Division Fact - 6

Instruct elementary school children to divide each number equally into groups of 6 and determine the number of groups formed. Use the division tables to swiftly compute the quotient.

Division Fact - 7

Practice division facts of 7 times tables. Calculate the quotient by evaluating each division sentence horizontally in these 4th-grade division worksheets.

Division Fact - 8

This unit of division fluency worksheets particularly deals with the divisor 8. Reaffirm the division facts of 8 and fill in the answers to complete the worksheets.

Division Fact - 9

Work out the answers of each division sentence involving division facts of 9 times tables. The ready-to-use worksheets contain 20 division problems each, to develop division skills.

Division Fact - 10

Calculate division facts mentally and learn equal sharing in groups of 10 with 50+ equations. Fill in the quotients by dividing each number by 10 and review division facts of 10 in the process.

Division Fact - 11

Apply the division facts of 11 times tables to complete the division sentences offered in these PDFs. Divide each number horizontally by 11 and gain immense practice.

Division Fact - 12

Figure out the quotient in the 50+ division sentences using the division facts of 12 tables in this worksheet bundle.

The entire collection of worksheets on division facts can be downloaded in a jiffy!