Fraction Multiplication Worksheets

We offer handful of printable worksheets in multiplying fractions worksheets. It covers basic multiplication, picture multiplication, value of quarter and half; multiplication with repeated addition, cross cancellation method to find the product, area model to represent the product, interactive practice problems and more.

Basic Worksheets for Beginners

Quarter, Half Using Picture

To find one quarter, group the pictures into four equal section and find the number of pictures in each section. To find one half, divide the pictures into two equal groups and count the pictures in each group.

Picture Fraction Multiplication

Quarter, Half of a Whole Number

Find what is one-fourth or one-half of a whole number.

Quarter, Half Worksheet

Picture Interactivity

Interactive picture worksheet with simple fractions.

Fraction Activity

Multiplication using Addition

Find the multiplication of a fraction using repeated addition.

Repeated Addition

Multiplying Proper Fractions

Learn to multiply two fractions using these basic worksheets. This section contains multiplying proper fractions, with and without cross cancellation. Extent your skill to multiply three terms later on this page.

Multiplication Without Cross Cancellation

Basic Multiplication 1

Basic Multiplication 2

Multiplication With Cross Cancellation

Simple Multiplication - 1

Simple Multiplication - 2

Multiply Three Fractions

Three Terms 1

Three Terms 2

Multiplying Improper Fractions

Use cross cancellation to multiply the improper fractions. Check for cancellation within the fraction. Multiply the numbers and then reduce the answer to its simplest form.

Level 1: Two Fractions

Multiply Improper Fractions 1

Multiply Improper Fractions 2

Level 2: Three Fractions

3 Improper Terms 1

3 Improper Terms 2

Multiplying Mixed Numbers

Convert mixed numbers into improper fractions, simplify the terms, find multiplication, and then convert the answer to mixed number where ever possible.

Level 1: Two Fractions

Practice Sheet 1

Practice Sheet 2

Level 2: Three Fractions

Practice Sheet 3

Practice Sheet 4

Interactive Fraction Worksheets

Area Model

Each cell represented by its own length and width in fractions. Use this information to find the area of a shaded figure and vice versa.

Area Model 1

Area Model 2

Calculate the Value

Use these simple fraction multiplication worksheets to calculate fraction part of a whole or fraction part of a fraction.

Fraction of a Whole

Fraction of a Fraction

Fill in the Missing Place Holder

Find out the missing fraction that gives the resultant number after multiplication with the fraction given. Need special attention and extra care in each worksheet.

Missing Proper Fraction

Missing Improper Fraction

Missing Mixed Numbers

Missing Whole Numbers

Multiplying Fractions - Complete Review

Exclusive worksheets include different combination of fractions specially made for revision purpose.

Multiply Proper and Improper Fractions

Fraction Multiplication 1

Fraction Multiplication 2

Multiply Proper and Mixed Fractions

Multiplying Fractions 3

Multiplying Fractions 4

Multiply Proper Fraction and Whole Numbers

Revision Sheet 5

Revision Sheet 6

Multiply Improper and Mixed Fractions

Fraction Worksheet 7

Fraction Worksheet 8

Multiply Improper Fraction and Whole Numbers

Multiplication Worksheet 9

Multiplication Worksheet 10

Multiply Mixed Numbers and Whole Numbers

Revision Worksheet 11

Revision Worksheet 12

Perfect Review

Complete Review 13

Complete Review 14

The entire collection of worksheets on multiplying fractions can be downloaded in a jiffy!