Fraction Multiplication Word Problems Worksheets

Our printable worksheets on multiplying fractions word problems task grade 4 through grade 7 students with reading and solving realistic scenarios by performing fraction multiplication. The problems feature both common and uncommon denominators, so the budding problem-solving stars must follow the correct procedure to obtain the products. Equipped with answer keys, these pdf resources are available in customary and metric units. Try some multiplying fractions word problems worksheets for free!

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Multiplying Fractions by Whole Numbers Word Problems

Impel the eager beavers in 4th grade and 5th grade to multiply fractions by whole numbers through word problems. Kids are required to multiply proper fractions and improper fractions by whole numbers correctly.

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Multiplying Fractions by Cross-Cancelling Word Problems

Say a whole-hearted yes to our no-prep printable worksheets on fraction multiplication that have you fully covered! Interpret the word problems and multiply fractions with a special emphasis on cross cancelling.

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Multiplying Mixed Numbers Word Problems

Multiplying mixed numbers may initially feel incomprehensible, but practice makes the pain melt away. Let grade 6 and grade 7 kids convert the mixed numbers into fractions and work out the products.

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Multiplying Mixed Numbers and Fractions Word Problems

Let not the challenges of obtaining solutions for problems befall you! Our pdf worksheets on multiplying fractions word problems, equipped with answer key for a quick self-validation, help ease into the process.

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Themed Fraction Multiplication Word Problems

Revive 5th grade, 6th grade, and 7th grade students' problem-solving fortunes with our themed word problems, featuring a good mix of like fractions, unlike fractions, whole numbers, and mixed numbers!

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