GCF of Polynomials Worksheets

Browse through our endless supply of GCF of polynomials worksheets, meticulously designed for sixth grade and seventh grade students. For the ease of students, worksheets are segregated into easy and moderate levels. Worksheets on finding GCM of monomials and polynomials, GCF by long division method, finding the missing polynomial and much more are included.

GCF of two monomials - Easy

Download our worksheets to introduce the concept of GCF of two monomials. Identify the common factors and multiply them to arrive at the GCF.

GCF of two monomials - Moderate

This series of worksheets gets more challenging with the introduction of more variables. Get some extra practice on finding the GCF of two monomials with these GCF worksheets.

GCF of three monomials - Easy

Learn how to find the GCF of three monomials by downloading these exclusive worksheets. List out the common factors of monomials. The product of the common factors is the GCF of the given three monomials.

GCF of three monomials - Moderate

Monomials with various variables and higher exponents and coefficients are included in this set of moderate level worksheets. Find the greatest common factor.

GCF of polynomials - Level 1

Level 1 worksheets feature polynomial expressions in the factored form. Polynomials up to three terms are included in this group of GCF worksheets.

GCF of polynomials - Level 2

Step up the level of difficulty with these level 2 GCF worksheets. Students are required to factorize the polynomial expressions before finding the GCF of the given expressions.

Finding GCF by division method

Use the long division method to determine the GCF of the given pairs of polynomials.

Finding the unknown

Perform factorization, multiplication or cancellation whatever necessary. Compare the polynomials and GCF, and then identify the value of the unknown variable.

Finding the other polynomial - GCF and LCM given

The product of any two polynomials is equal to the product of their GCF and LCM. Use this rule to find the other polynomial in this array of worksheets.

The whole batch of worksheets on GCF of polynomials can be downloaded instantly.