LCM of Polynomials Worksheets

Navigate through this set of worksheets to heighten your LCM skills to the next phase by practicing LCM of polynomials. This assortment of printable PDFs is highly recommended for high-school students. Comprehend LCM with a number of exercises like finding the LCM of - two monomials, three monomials and polynomials, split into two levels.

LCM of two monomials - Easy

Find the LCM for each pair of monomials. The monomials at this level of worksheets require a little effort to find the LCM.

LCM of two monomials - Moderate

This set of LCM of monomial worksheets stands out from easy level by the number of variables, its exponents and the coefficients used.

LCM of three monomials - Easy

Learn to find the LCM of three monomials with this set of worksheets. These worksheets contain monomials with easy-to-solve coefficients involving single and multivariables in it.

LCM of three monomials - Moderate

Practice this collection of LCM worksheets involving three monomials, with the difficulty slightly higher than the previous section.

LCM of polynomials - Level 1

Find the least common multiple for each pair of polynomials. In these level 1 worksheets, students do not require to factorize the polynomials in order to find the LCM.

LCM of polynomials - Level 2

This set of LCM of polynomials worksheets consists of more integrative problems when compared to Level 1. Students should factorize the polynomials and then find the least common multiple.

Finding another polynomial - GCF and LCM given

Find the product of GCF and LCM. Divide it by the given polynomial to find the other polynomial. Perform factorization wherever necessary.

The entire collection of LCM of polynomials worksheets can be downloaded in a jiffy!