General Sequence Worksheets

Grade 7, grade 8 and high school students can achieve optimal learning with these printable general sequence worksheets that cover the absolute basics of sequencing. Split into sub topics, each dealing with acquiring a specific skill - like spotting arithmetic and geometric sequences, appending to a given sequence, plugging the missing term in a sequence, writing the sequence for a general term and more. Procure some of these worksheets for free!

Arithmetic / Geometric Sequence

The task for 7th grade and 8th grade students in these pdf worksheets is to figure out if the given sequence is arithmetic, geometric or neither of them.

Find next three terms

In this set of printable worksheets, all you have to do is keenly observe the sequence, study the pattern and then append the next few terms of the sequence.

Missing terms

General sequence worksheets provided here are packed with exercises to figure out the pattern in the given sequence and plug in the missing terms.

Write the sequence

The high school worksheets here concentrate on finding the sequence when the general term is given. Substitute the values of 'n' in the general term to form the sequence.

Two levels of difficulty with 5 worksheets each

Write general term

Each pdf contains eight questions on finding the general term of the sequence and two questions on finding the specific term.

Two levels of difficulty with 5 worksheets each