Recursive Sequence Worksheets

Our printable recursive sequence worksheets provide ample practice for high school students on various topics like writing arithmetic sequence, geometric sequence and general sequence using the recursive formula, determining the recursive formula for the given sequences, finding the specific term and more. Some of these worksheets are absolutely free of cost!

Arithmetic Sequence

First term and the recursive formula are given in these pdf worksheets. Write the arithmetic sequence using the implicit formula.

Arithmetic Sequence - Recursive Formula

Using the first term 'a' and the common difference 'd', write the recursive formula for each arithmetic sequence. The terms of the sequence involve integers, decimals and fractions.

Arithmetic Sequence - Mixed Review

Engage yourself with these printable arithmetic sequences mixed review worksheets and find the arithmetic sequence using the recursive formula in part A and vice versa in part B.

Geometric Sequence

Write the geometric sequence using the first term and the recursive formula. There are ten problems in each pdf worksheet for high school students.

Geometric Sequence - Recursive Formula

Observe the geometric sequence provided, identify the common ratio and find the recursive formula.

Geometric Sequence - Mixed Review

This set of mixed review pdf worksheets contains exercises based on writing geometric sequence from recursive formula and vice versa.

General Sequence

General sequence consists of numbers that are arranged in a particular order or pattern. Find the terms by plugging in the values of n in the recursive formula.

General Sequence - Recursive Formula

Determine the pattern followed in the sequence and write the recursive formula for nth term. Worksheets consist of 10 problems per page.

Find the Indicated term

These printable worksheets require high school students to find the specific term of each sequence using the recursive formula. Problems are furnished in the word format.