Identifying Fractions Worksheets

Pilot children through our printable identifying fractions worksheets so they can identify the parts of fractions and mixed numbers magna cum laude! Watch the math enchanters in grade 3 and grade 4 glide through our pdf exercises and perfect their art of identifying numerators and denominators, writing fractions using their parts, identifying a whole number and fraction that make up a mixed number, and forming mixed numbers combining their parts. Be on the ball by solving our free identifying fractions worksheets!

Identifying Numerators and Denominators

A fraction has two parts: the numerator and denominator. Instruct 3rd grade children to study the fractions and label the top number as the numerator and the bottom number as the denominator.

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Writing Fractions

Learn the fact that a numerator represents the number of parts out of a whole and a denominator represents the total number of parts a whole is divided into, and frame fractions using the indicated parts.

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Numerators and Denominators | MCQ

Which of these fractions has 5 as the numerator: 1/2, 4/5, 5/8, or 3/4? The answer is 5/8. Our multiple-choice questions give 3rd grade and 4th grade kids' skills to identify fraction parts a thorough assessment.

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Identifying the Parts of Mixed Numbers

Let your practice explode into excitement with these printable identifying fractions worksheets for grade 4, wherein you're tasked with identifying the whole number and fraction that make up each mixed number.

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Writing Mixed Numbers

Get children delightedly hammering away at these pdf worksheets and writing mixed numbers using their parts in a jiffy! Combine the given whole number and fraction and write down the mixed number formed.

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Halves, Thirds, and Fourths Worksheets

Introduce kindergarten to grade 3 kids to simple proper fractions like halves, thirds, and quarters using partitioned shapes, fraction strips, and several hands-on exercises in this assortment of pdf worksheets!

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Fraction Models Worksheets

With shapes visuals, tape diagrams, real-life objects, and more, fraction models are indeed the best resources to help beginners form a mental picture of fractions as equal parts of a whole. Dive in with a click!

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