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Identify the Fractions Worksheets

Basic fraction worksheets help kids to develop skills in identifying fraction from a whole, pictorial understanding of fractions, numerator and denominator, shade the figures to represent a fraction and more. It also contains interactive worksheets for kids under grade 5. Plenty of picture worksheets added to drive interest in learning basics of fractions.

Basic Fraction: Quarter, Half

Color Quarter, Half Worksheets

Ask the children to fill one fourth or one half of the shapes with colors.

Color Half Part

Color Quarter Part

Divide and color the quarter or half part

Kids should draw a line or two to divide the shapes into two halves or four quarters. Color one half or one quarter of the shapes after you divide.

Divide and Color Half Part

Divide and Color Quarter Part

Identify the fractions on a number line

A set of worksheets with exercises to identify the missing fractions on a number line based on increments, finding the fraction denoted by the alphabets on a number line and much more!

Fractions on a Number Line (170 Worksheets)

Numerator and Denominator Worksheets

Identifying Numerator and Denominator

Identify which is numerator and which is denominator from the fraction.

Identify Numerator/Denominator-1

Identify Numerator/Denominator-2

Write Fraction using Num and Den

Top part of fraction called Numerator and the bottom part called Denominator. Use this hint and find the fraction.

Fraction from Num and Den-1

Fraction from Num and Den-2

Fun With Fractions

Color the shapes

It is a fun time. Fill the shapes with the colors you like but not the whole of it.

Shade the Part of Shapes-1

Shade the Part of Shapes-2

More Fun with Shapes

Find the fraction of shapes from the group of shapes. Have a great fun.

Fun Shapes Worksheet

Pictures Partially Filled With Colors

What fraction of figures colored?

Identifying Fraction Worksheet

Color From the Group

If there are 5 balls and the fraction is two-fifth, then it is enough to color 2 balls.

Color the Picture-1

Color the Picture-2

Interactive Fraction

Fraction Using Boxes 1

Blocks are partially filled with colors. Identify what fraction of boxes colored.

Boxes with color

Fraction Using Boxes 2

You have empty boxes to fill the color. Color the fraction of boxes in any order you like.

Boxes with color

Fraction Activity Worksheet

Divide and color the shapes as it instructed. Each piece you make must be symmetrical.

Fraction Activity

Fraction in Circle

Identify what fraction of circle shaded/colored.

Fraction in Circle-1

Fraction in Circle-2

Pizza Fraction

Hot pizza with two topping is ready to solve not to eat.

Pizza Fraction Worksheet

Mixed Number

Identify Mixed Number

Identify the whole number and the fractional part from mixed number or vice versa.

Mixed Number Worksheet-1

Mixed Number Worksheet-2

American Pie

Creative fraction worksheets help you learn how to identify mixed numbers.

Pie Worksheet-1

Pie Worksheet-2

Stock up your library with the complete set of worksheets on identifying fractions.