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Halves, Thirds, and Fourths Worksheets

Not only do our printable halves, thirds, and fourths worksheets help children identify halves, thirds, and quarters, they enable kids to both visualize them on shapes and real-life objects and understand simple fractions as equal parts of a whole. Thanks to wide-ranging pdf exercises like identifying halves, thirds, and quarters using models and tape diagrams; matching shapes with fractions in words; coloring figures to denote the fractions; and cutting and gluing, students in kindergarten, grade 1, grade 2, and grade 3 know their fractions through and through! Grab our free halves, thirds, and fourths worksheets now!

Identifying Halves

What are halves? Explain to kindergarten and 1st grade kids that when we partition a shape into two equal shares, we get two halves of it; task them with coloring a circle, rectangle, triangle, etc., that shows a half.

Identifying Thirds

If we split a shape into three equal parts, we have three thirds of it. This segment of our printable halves, thirds, and fourths worksheets has 2D shapes, and the job is to check the shape that illustrates a third.

Identifying Fourths or Quarters

Fourths, or quarters, occur when we divide a shape into four equal shares! Such shapes will have four fourths, or four quarters. Study the shapes in this exercise; circle the shape that represents a fourth.

Halves, Thirds, and Quarters - Match

Check out this pdf halves, thirds, and quarters worksheet and instantly assess how well 2nd grade kids identify halves, thirds, and fourths. Pore over the partition on each shape and match it to the fraction it denotes.

Writing Halves, Thirds, and Fourths

How many equal parts is a shape divided into? Answer this question so you're good to go! Divided into two, shapes stride as halves; divided into three, they pad as thirds; divided into four, they saunter as fourths.

Fraction Strips | One-Half, One-Third, and One-Fourth

Fraction strips, or tape diagrams as they're often called, are lucid and effective models whose depiction of fractions is readily intelligible. Select the tape diagrams that represents the fractions 1/2, 1/3, and 1/4.

Coloring One-Half, One-Third, and One-Fourth of Shapes

Here's yet another coloring practice for grade 2 with shapes at its heart! Color one of the two parts of the shape for one-half, one of the three parts for one-third, and one of the four parts for one-fourth of the shape.

Pie Fractions

Cut the pie up with this two-part halves, thirds, and fourths pdf worksheet! Write the fraction represented by the given slices of pie in part A; write the fraction represented by the missing slices in part B.

Shading Fractions

Explore another layer of the topic with this printable no-prep exercise and know the numerical and word forms of simple fractions! Shade the portion(s) of the circles according to the fraction specified in words and numbers.

Cut and Glue | Halves, Thirds, and Fourths

Here's a cracker of a resource for kindergarten, grade 1, and grade 2 kids! Cut out the shape cards; analyze the parts of each shape; sort them as a half, third, or fourth; and glue them in the appropriate columns.

Dividing Shapes into Equal Parts and Coloring

Hammer home the fact that fractions denote equal parts of a whole! Divide the 2D shapes equally into halves, thirds, or quarters as directed in part A. Make partitions and color the portions as instructed in part B.

Halves, Thirds, and Quarters | Theme-Based Questions

Upshift 3rd grade skills with theme-based halves, thirds, and fourths pdf worksheet! Delight in the theme and answer questions like what fraction of the birds are flying, what fraction of the flowers are red, and so on!

Coloring Fractions | Real-Life Objects

Further up your practice of fractions with this halves, thirds, and quarters worksheet for grade 3! Take the real-life objects in each set as one whole, and color some of them to show the indicated fractions.

Making Pizza | Cut-and-Glue Activity

Eat pizza real juicy, or don't eat it at all! The pizza crust is ready. All there's to do is spice it up with your choicest toppings! Follow the given fractions as you cut the toppings and glue them on the crust.