Number Names Activities

Captivate the complete attention of young ones with this spectacular array of activity-based worksheet pdfs on number names up to 10! This forms an excellent teaching resource for both parents and teachers alike. Kids of kindergarten are sure to enjoy this series of fun-filled and interactive worksheets that include a plethora of tasks like cut-and-glue activities, writing numbers and numbers names, match the number names to the numbers and a lot more! Free worksheets are also available.

Cut-and-Glue Activity: Number Names

Keep young one's thoroughly engaged with this series of vivid, printable, theme-based worksheets that includes circus animals, flowers, and umbrellas. Read out the numbers. Help children cut out the correct number names to match the numbers; and get them to glue the number names onto the worksheets.

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Cut-and-Glue Activity: Numbers

Children are sure to grasp the concept of matching numbers with number names with this colorful collection of worksheets that feature hot air-balloons, fish bowls and cute little penguins! Read the number names, cut out the numbers that match them and glue them in the spaces provided in the worksheets.

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Write Numbers and Number Names: Theme-based Activity

Little ones are bound to love these attractive worksheets that display animals in the wild, sea creatures, and animal life by the pond! How many creatures of each type can you spot? Write the correct numbers and number names in the columns provided.

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Match Number Names to Numbers: Theme-based Activity

Employ this array of appealing pdf worksheets for kindergarten that comprise eye-catching themes like snowmen, scuba divers, and airplanes to get young ones to match the number names with the equivalent numbers. Download all for a delightful experience!

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