Decimal Place Value Charts

Introduce students of grade 5 and grade 6 to terms used to describe place values for decimals, like tenths, hundredths, etc with this series of printable worksheets. Laminate our color-coded collection of place value charts to help them distinguish the various place values of decimals up to millionths. Download and customize our templates according to your convenience. Take a look at our free charts and worksheets to have an idea of what’s in store!

Place value Charts

Our splendid color-coded place value charts up to millionths assists 5th grade students distinguish whole numbers from decimals.



Blank Charts

Grab these blank charts that are available in both color and monochrome and review a student's comprehension on place value decimals from tenths up to millionths.



Level 1: Place Value up to Thousandths

Use this print-ready worksheets to strengthen knowledge in place value of decimals. Separate downloads for tenths up to thousandths place values offers abundant practice.

Level 2: Place Value up to Thousandths - Combined Review

Read each decimal number and place them in the appropriate place value boxes. This assortment of printable charts serves a perfect assessment tool for teachers and home tutors alike.

Level 1: Place Value up to Millionths

Employ these pdf worksheets to enhance 5th grade and 6th grade students’ perception in identifying place values for decimal numbers varying from ten thousandths to millionths place. Use the answer key to verify your responses.

Level 2: Place Value up to Millionths - Combined Review

Assess your child's mastery in determining the place value of decimals ranging from tenths up to millionths place with this array of printable worksheets.