Rearranging Equations | Literal Equations Worksheets

Rearranging literal equations is a vital part of Algebra. These printable worksheets are highly recommended for high school students. Knowledge of 'inverse operations' and 'properties of equality' is a prerequisite. An array of pdf exercises like two-tier of rearranging equations, rearrange and evaluate the literal equations, word problems in physics and mathematical formulae and more are included. Begin your practice with our free worksheets!

Rearranging literal equations - Type 1

These type 1 worksheets require students to make 'x' as subject in each problem. The worksheets are sorted into three levels based on the complexity of the equation and the number of variables in it.

Level: Easy, Moderate, Difficult (3 worksheets each)

Rearranging literal equations - Type 2

Solve each algebraic equation for the given variable. Use the 'properties of equality' to isolate the subject in each equation.

Level: Easy, Moderate, Difficult (3 worksheets each)

Rearrange the equations - Two variables as subject

Solve for two unknown variables by rearranging the literal equations in each problem. Each printable worksheet consists of eight equations.

Rearrange and evaluate

Rearrange the algebraic equations to separate the subject. Evaluate the value of each subject by substituting the known values.

Literal equations: Rearranging formulae

Employ this assortment of literal equation pdf worksheets with captivating ideas that claim to rearrange the physics and mathematical formulae to express the equations for the given variables.

Literal equations and its applications

Rearrange the formulae of physics and mathematics disposed in word form. Also, solve the word problems to find the value of the parameters like radius, length, height, mass, volume, work done, Fahrenheit and so on.

Available in customary and metric units (members only).