Multi-Step Equation Worksheets

A huge collection of multi-step equations worksheets involving integers, fractions and decimals as coefficients are given here for abundant practice. Solving and verifying equations, applications in geometry and MCQs are included in this section for students.

Integers: Level 1

Solving equations involving integers: Level 1

In these 'Level 1' worksheets, solve each multi-step equation to find the value of the unknown variable. Six exclusive worksheets are here for practice.

Integers: Level 2

Solving equations involving integers: Level 2

These 'Level 2' multi-step equations may involve a few more steps to arrive the solution than level 1. A plenty of practice worksheets are available here.


Solving equations involving fractions

These worksheets have equations whose coefficients are fractions and integers. Solve each multi-step equation. Eight questions are given per worksheet.

Multi-step equations: Decimals

Solving equations involving decimals

In these worksheets, perform the basic arithmetic operation and solve the multi-step equations having decimal numbers as coefficients.

Mixed review

Solving equations: Mixed Review

A combination of integer, fraction and decimal coefficients stands for the variable in these mixed review worksheets. Practice them all.

Equation Word Problems

Equation Word Problems Worksheets

Read the word problems and write down the equations. Solve them in one, two or more steps to find the solution.

(30 worksheets)

Solve and verify

Solve and verify the solution

In these worksheets, solve the multi-step equations and verify your solution by substituting the value of the unknown variable to the equation.

Translating phrases

Translating multi-step equation

Translate the given phrases to algebraic equations. Three exclusive practice sheets are available here for students.

Equations in geometry: Type 1

Equations in geometry: Type 1

Nine geometric shapes are shown in each worksheet. Their sides are given in the form of expressions. Solve them to find the unknown variable.

Shapes: Type 2

Area and perimeter - Shapes: Type 2

In these worksheets, the area and perimeter of nine shapes are given. Use the given expressions and apply the area and perimeter formula to solve them.

Equations in geometry: Type 3

Equations in geometry: Type 3

A collection of word problems involving properties of shapes are given. Set up the equation and solve each multi-step equation.

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