Subtracting Fractions from Whole Numbers Worksheets

Our printable subtracting fractions from whole numbers worksheets are a watershed moment for children's subtraction learning, igniting steady improvement in calculating the difference between fractions and whole numbers! With exercises like subtracting proper fractions, improper fractions, and mixed numbers from whole numbers and a combined review, these pdfs are great for 4th grade and 5th grade. Revisit the concepts of regrouping or borrowing, finding equivalent fractions, and simplification to solve the problems here. Practice some of these worksheets for free!

Subtracting Proper Fractions from Whole Numbers

Let your skill at subtracting fractions from whole numbers go into orbit with this batch of printable worksheets! An ideal resource for children in grade 4 to excel and exceed every subtracting expectation set yet!

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Subtracting Improper Fractions from Whole Numbers

Multiply the denominator with the whole number, let the denominator be common for both the numbers, and subtract. Simplify and convert the differences to mixed numbers wherever necessary. That's the task accomplished!

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Subtracting Mixed Numbers from Whole Numbers

Watch a storming gig by grade 5 kids to subtract mixed numbers from whole numbers in these pdf worksheets! Create appropriate fractional equivalents for the whole numbers, regroup if required, and subtract.

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Subtraction of Fractions from Whole Numbers - Mixed Review

Revise and review subtracting all types of fractions from whole numbers! Convert mixed numbers to fractions, set up the expression with the same denominator, perform subtraction, and simplify.

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