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Subtracting Fractions using a Number Line Model | Fraction Worksheets

Here is an extensive supply of printables for fraction subtraction using number lines for the learners of grade 3 and grade 4. Learn to use the jump strategy to subtract fractions with ample exercises under sub topics like drawing hops, plugging in the missing fractions, writing the subtraction sentence by deciphering the number line and much more. Instantly validate your answers with the answer key provided.

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Subtracting Fractions: Draw hops

The 10 simple worksheets here feature exercises to subtract fractions by simply hopping backwards on a number line to arrive at the answer.

Subtracting Fractions: Draw Hops - Mixed Review

Draw hops and find the difference in this set of worksheets encompassing number lines with a combo of proper fractions and mixed numbers.

Missing Fractions

Plug in the missing fractions in the subtraction sentence by observing the number line model.

Missing Fractions: Mixed Review

Complete the subtraction equation by supplying the missing fractions. Use the number line model to solve the subtraction problems.

Subtraction Sentence

Follow a three step process to observe, comprehend and replicate a subtraction sentence to solve these worksheets.

Subtraction Sentence: Mixed Review

Frame the subtraction sentence based on the fraction number line model. Each worksheet contains both proper fractions and mixed numbers.

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