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Adding Fractions using a Number Line Model | Fraction Worksheets

This set of simple yet engaging worksheets are meticulously drafted for 3rd and 4th graders. Navigate through 80+ worksheets that are subdivided into topics ranging from adding fractions on number lines, supplying the missing values, translating number line into an addition statement and much more.

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Adding Fractions: Draw hops

Utilize this set of number line worksheets that provide ample practice in adding fractions by showing hops on the number line.

Adding Fractions: Draw hops - Mixed Review

The worksheets here are classified into two types and serve best for recapitulating the concepts learnt in the previous section.

Addition equation: Missing fractions

Complete the addition sentence by observing the number line and plugging in the missing fraction.

Addition equation: Missing fractions - Mixed Review

These printables help the children evaluate the addition skills that contains number lines with a combination of mixed numbers and proper fractions.

Addition Sentence

These worksheets focus on providing practice in translating number lines to addition sentences. The starting point becomes the first addend, the jumps are the second addend and the end point is the sum.

Addition Sentence - Mixed Review

The bundle here provides a quicker way to review the fraction addition and feature exercises to decipher the number line model and write it as an addition sentence.

3 Addends

Master fraction addition on a number line with these worksheets dealing with 3 addends. Add the fractions and depict them on the number line.

3 Addends - Draw Hops - Mixed Review

Use these worksheets to reiterate the concepts learnt. Summate the three addends and represent them on the number line.

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