Addition and Subtraction - A Complete Review

This compilation of matrices worksheets extends a valuable practice in the addition and subtraction of matrices for high school students. With a variety of exercises like adding square matrices, adding matrices with fractional elements, and performing both the operations together, students review that two matrices can be added or subtracted if they are of the same order. Kick into gear with our free worksheets!

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Add or Subtract Square Matrices

This printable revision set includes addition or subtraction of square matrices of order 2 x 2 or 3 x 3

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Find A + B or A - B for Square Matrices

The elements of the matrices here may be integers or simple fractions. We should be careful while subtracting integers.

Revision - 3

Revision - 4

Add or Subtract any Matrices

Here the order of matrices can be anything. All a high school student is expected to do here is add or subtract the elements and determine the sum or difference of the matrices.

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Revision - 6

Add or Subtract A and B

The matrices in this pdf worksheets are defined in the order m x n, where m and n are integers less than 6.

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Revision - 8

Add or Subtract Three Matrices

The problems rendered in this stock of worksheets are a little tricky because you need to perform both the operations in the same question. Work with two matrices at a time and play with the signs carefully.

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Revision - 10