Matrix Addition Worksheets

Explore this compilation of adding matrices worksheets, tailor-made for high school students and make yourself accustomed to adding two matrices. Be au fait with the fact that addition of matrices is possible for matrices with the same order. You can add two, three or more matrices by adding the corresponding elements. After addition, the resultant matrix will have the same order as original matrices. Now, you can download some of these worksheets for free!

Addition of Two Square Matrices

Add corresponding element of two square matrices of order 2 x 2 or 3 x 3

Practice Sheet - 1

Practice Sheet - 2

Addition of Two Square Matrices A and B

Given two square matrices A and B. Find A + B. Few question may have simple fractions.

Practice Sheet - 3

Practice Sheet - 4

Addition of Any Two Matrices

This set of printable matrices worksheets help kids hone in on addition of any two matrices, square or non square.

Practice Sheet - 5

Practice Sheet - 6

Addition of Any Two Matrices A and B

This stock of pdf matrix addition worksheets tasks high schoolers to add two square or non-square matrices.

Practice Sheet - 7

Practice Sheet - 8

Sum of Three Matrices

Add three matrices of any order. It is more like adding three addends.

Practice Sheet - 9

Practice Sheet - 10