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Matrix Multiplication Worksheets

Multiplication of two matrices A and B is possible if the number of columns in A equals number of rows in B. In other words, if the order of A is m x n and the order of B is n x p, then AB exists and the order of resultant matrix is m x p.

Our printable matrix multiplication worksheets include multiplication of square and non square matrices, scalar multiplication, test for existence of multiplication, multiplication followed by addition and more for high school students. Grab some of them for free!

Multiplying Square Matrices

Square matrices of order 2 x 2 or 3 x 3 is used. Use multiplication rule of matrices to solve the pdf worksheets.

Square Matrices - 1

Square Matrices - 2

Multiplying Non Square Matrices

If the number of rows does not equal number of columns, then the matrices said to be non-square. Find the product of non square matrices.

Non Square Matrices - 1

Non Square Matrices - 2

Multiplication of Three Matrices

Multiply first two matrices, then multiply the resultant with third matrix. More concentration is required in solving these worksheets. Answer key provided only for final output.

Three Matrices - 1

Three Matrices - 2

Addition and Subtraction with Scalar

Multiply the matrices with the scalar and then add or subtract as directed.

Scalar, Add, Sub - 1

Scalar, Add, Sub - 2

Existence of AB and BA

In these printable high school worksheets, check for the existence of product of two matrices using the rows and columns.

Existence of Multiplication - 1

Existence of Multiplication - 2

Distributive Property

Prove that A(B+C) = AB + BC. Find B+C, AB, BC, A(B+C) and AB + BC.

Distributive - 1

Distributive - 2

Find AB

Let A and B are square matrices. Find the product AB using rows by columns or columns by rows method and check the answers using key.

Find the product AB - 1

Find the product AB - 2

Product of A and B

Let A and B are non square matrices of order m x n and n x p respectively. Find the product AB. Unitary matrices included in few places.

Find the product AB - 3

Find the product AB - 4

Multiply Matrix by Scalar

Integers and fractions are used as scalars. Multiply each element in a matrix by the scalar, and put the elements in its simplest form in these pdf worksheets.

Scalar - 1

Scalar - 2

Scalar - 3

Find mA ± nB

Let A and B are matrices; m and n are scalars. Find the value of mA + nB or mA - nB.

Scalar, Add, Sub - 3

Scalar, Add, Sub - 4

Associative Property

Matrix multiplication satisfies associative property. Answers provided for final output.

Associative - 1

Associative - 2