Adding One Worksheets

Get your little scholars excited about study time with our adding one worksheets! Designed for kids in kindergarten and grade 1, these printable plus 1 worksheets are meant to develop an affinity toward math. The emphasis is on the basic numerical operation of addition, and the exercises are very kid-friendly, with liberal use of colors and pictures. Each task requires kids to add 1 more to a given number in the range of 1 to 9, making it perfect for absolute beginners. Our free adding one worksheet is a great place to begin your practice.

Adding One Using a Number Line

Capture the imagination of grade 1 kids with this fun adding 1 worksheet pdf where a cute animal leaps from one number to the next on the number line. Read the number line and find the sum.

Adding One by Counting Pictures

Featuring an exercise where kids count the pictures of recognizable objects like umbrellas, toys, and balloons, this adding 1 worksheet with pictures expects kids to complete the addition sentences.

Writing Addition Sentences

Colors and images are always a hit with kids, and this plus 1 worksheet is no different. Get 1st grade kids to count the pictures and write each addition equation with the addends and the sum!

Adding One and Writing the Sum

A dose of simplicity in a sea of creativity, this printable worksheet to add one requires kindergarten kids to just add one more to a given number and write the sum.

Adding One and Circling the Sum

Put a little spin on regular exercises with this worksheet on adding one more that provides kids a few choices from which they are expected to identify the sum. The multicolored question frames are a bonus.

Matching the Addends and the Sums

Decked in an attractive red-green color scheme, this add 1 worksheet pdf involves matching addends on the caterpillar to sums on the apples. Grade 1 kids need to add one more to arrive at the answers!

Adding One Word Problems

Let your little ones explore the real-life application of addition with this adding one word problems worksheet. Each problem features addends under 10 and relatable scenarios guaranteed to keep kids engaged.