Single-Digit Addition Worksheets

Breeze through this collection of single-digit addition worksheets and provide a perfect introduction to kids in kindergarten and grade 1. Enclosed here are standard addition drills, addition with more addends in either vertical or horizontal form, color by addition, addition tree, cut-glue activity based on comparing sums, matching equivalent addition equations, word problems, and many more interesting activities. Our free Single-Digit Addition worksheets are a great place to make a head start!

Addition with Word Problems

Presenting two addends in either vertical or horizontal format along with a couple of word problems, this set of pdfs is a perfect resource for practicing single-digit addition.

Single - Digit Addition | Standard

Get your young learners to test their skills in addition with these worksheets where the numbers are aligned in vertical and horizontal formats.

Addition Trees

Here comes an interesting set of exercises on addition with single digits! Circle the numbers on the apples, mangoes, and oranges that have the sums shown on the trunks of the trees.

Exclusive Word Problems

Bolster your skills in addition with single-digits by solving the word problems enclosed here. Featuring a variety of scenarios, these word problems are sure to bring learning to life.

Addition Drills | Vertical Format

Gain fluency with these addition drill exercises designed for kindergarten kids. Set the timer, and start working out the problems presented in column format.

Color by Addition | Mystery Pictures

Add a creative dimension to learning with these printable worksheets. Instruct grade 1 kids to solve the addition equations and color using the key to reveal the mystery picture.

Matching Equivalent Sums

Make adding numbers more enjoyable with these interesting activities. Match the single-digit addition sentence on the left to the equivalent addition sentence on the right.

Missing Addends

Build the addition skills of young learners with these single-digit addition worksheets. Practice adding numbers where one addend is missing.

Addition Equations | Missing Numbers

In these resources, the sum and an addend are given in the form of an addition equation. Subtract the addend from the sum to find the missing addend.

Addition Drills | Horizontal Format

Jam-packed with horizontal addition problems, this resource can be used to give plenty of practice to students. The exercises featured here include 25 and 50 problems.

Column and Horizontal Addition

Enhance your proficiency in single-digit addition by working out every problem in these worksheets. Students benefit from this practice as it builds confidence and familiarity with the concept.

Cut-Glue Activity

Reinforce learning of single-digit addition with this cut-and-glue activity featuring alligators, crocodiles, and more animals with open mouths.Compare the addition sentences and glue the correct picture on the box.

Adding Numbers on the Petals

Provide a well-rounded practice to 1st grade learners by directing them to add the numbers on each petal and write the sum in the center of the flower.

Column Addition Drills | More Addends

Tackle a set of problems based on single-digit column addition with more than two addends and become adept at performing addition in vertical format.

Horizontal Addition Drills | More Addends

Promote a deeper understanding of addition with single digits by working out the problems based on standard single-digit addition with 3, 4, and 5 addends.