Area of Isosceles Triangles Worksheets

Make finding the area of isosceles triangles your strong suit! Help students get conveniently yet scholastically indoctrinated into the concept with this treasure trove of printable worksheets. Filled with illustrations of isosceles triangles, this set of pdf worksheets requires students in 8th grade and high school to figure out the area of each triangle where the dimensions are given in integers and decimals. Plug in the known values in the area formula and figure out the area. Try our free worksheet and find what’s in store for you.

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Area of an Isosceles Triangle | Integers - Type 1

Give children a glimpse of the great geometrical festivity that isosceles triangles have oodles of! To obtain the area of an isosceles triangle, find the height of the triangle using the Pythagorean Theorem. Plug in the integer dimensions in the area of a triangle formula and solve for the area.

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Area of an Isosceles Triangle - Integers | Type 2

Flaunt your comprehension of area of isosceles triangles with this stack of printable worksheets! Prompt learners in grade 8 and high school to determine the area of the isosceles triangle using the formula A= 1/2 * b * h. This compilation includes problems in two different formats.

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Area of an Isosceles Triangle | Decimals - Type 1

Spearhead the cause of fine math practice! Find the height of the isosceles triangles presented in these pdfs. Substitute the decimal dimensions in the formula A = 1/2 * b * h to compute the area of the isosceles triangles.

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Area of an Isosceles Triangle - Decimals | Type 2

Watch your geometrical fortunes soar with these ready-to-print area of an isosceles triangle worksheets! A mix of geometric shapes and word format exercises, this bunch is ideal for 8th grade and high school. Work out the area by using the attributes of the isosceles triangle given in decimals.

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