Area of Scalene Triangles Worksheets

Scalene triangles have no equal sides nor equal angles, and finding their areas can be a taxing process unless your child is clear with the how-to’s of Heron’s formula. Use the complete set of printable practice problems after incorporating the step-by-step techniques to determine area of scalene triangles with integers/decimals as their dimensions. We recommend the entire collection of area of scalene triangles pdf worksheet set included with answer keys, especially for high school students. Our free worksheet is a compulsive try!

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Area of Scalene Triangles | Integers- Type 1

With this high school practice set, learn to calculate the area of scalene triangles by applying the formula A = √ [s (s - a) (s - b) (s - c)], where 's' is the semiperimeter. Substitute the semiperimeter and the sides offered as integers to find the area.

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Area of Scalene Triangles | Integers- Type 2

Determine the area of scalene triangles using a good mix of given figures and well-defined word problems involving different integer values for sides (a, b, c). Implement the correct formula to get accurate answers after rounding them up to 2 decimal places.

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Area of Scalene Triangles | Decimals- Type 1

Find the height of the isosceles triangles presented in these worksheets for grade 6, grade 7, and grade 8. Substitute the decimal dimensions in the formula A = 1/2 * b * h to compute the area of the isosceles triangles.

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Area of Scalene Triangles | Decimals- Type 2

Use Heron’s formula and work your way around figures as well as multiple word problems to find solutions when triangles have decimal values as sides. Decimals amp up the difficulty levels and demand clear solutions with a practiced technique. Get this high school pdf worksheet set for expert-level practice of finding area of scalene triangles.

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