Area of a Polygon Worksheets

Meticulously designed for grade 6, grade 7 and grade 8; these calculate the area of polygons worksheet PDFs feature the formulas used, examples and adequate exercises to find the area of regular polygons like triangles, quadrilaterals and irregular polygons using the given side lengths, circumradius and apothem. Additionally, learn to find the apothem using the perimeter, radius, side lengths or areas as well.

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Area of Polygons using Side length

Familiarize the students of grade 6, 7 and 8 with the regular polygon area formula involving sides. Plug in the given side length in the formula to compute the area of the polygons featured here.

Area of Regular Polygons using Circumradius

Find the area of the regular polygon by substituting the circumradius and the number of sides in the area formula.

Area of Regular Polygons using Apothem

The middle school worksheets provide ample practice in finding the area of a regular polygon using the given apothem. Find the area by computing the half of the product of perimeter and apothem.

Area of Irregular Polygons

Decompose each irregular polygon in these worksheets for 6th, 7th and 8th grades into familiar plane shapes. Use the appropriate area formula to find the area of each shape, add the areas to find the area of the irregular polygons.

Apothem using Side length and Area

The area and the side length of the polygons are provided. Find the perimeter, rearrange the area formula, making apothem the subject, plug in the values of the perimeter and area to determine the apothem.

Apothem using Area / Perimeter / Radius

Level up with this batch of 6th, 7th and 8th grade worksheets on finding the apothem. Substitute the values of area, perimeter or radius of the polygons in relevant formulas to find the apothem.

Find the Radius / Side length of the Polygons

These printable polygon worksheets consist of two parts. Part A deals with finding the radius while Part B focuses on finding the side length using the area of the polygon provided.

Stock up your library with the complete set of worksheets on area of polygons.