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Area of Mixed Shapes | Revision Worksheets

Improve skills with these printable worksheets on finding the area of mixed shapes for grade 5 through grade 8. Featured here are exercises offered as geometrical shapes and in word format in three distinct levels; grouped based on the shapes used like triangles, squares, rectangles, parallelograms in level 1, trapezoids and circles are added in level 2, kites and rhombus are included in level 3.

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Level 1 : Triangle, Square, Rectangle and Parallelogram

Area of Mixed Shapes | Whole Numbers

Presented geometrically and in word format, these 5th and 6th grade area worksheets consist of basic shapes like square, rectangle, triangle and parallelogram. Plug in the whole number dimensions into relevant area formulas and compute the area.

Area of Mixed Shapes | Fractions

This batch of fifth and sixth grade worksheets provides dimensions of the basic plane shapes in fractions. Substitute the values in appropriate formulas to reinforce skills in calculating the area of the shapes.

Level 2 : Triangle, Square, Rectangle, Parallelogram, Trapezoid and Circle

Find the Area of Mixed Shapes | Whole Numbers

Bolster your skills as two more shapes, circle and trapezoid get added. Assign the whole number dimensions into formulas and the value of π for the circle and deduce the area of the given shapes in these area PDFs.

Find the Area of Mixed Shapes | Fractions

Reiterate finding the area of mixed shapes involving fractions with these grades 7 and 8 worksheets. Solve for the area of each shape by plugging the dimensions in appropriate formulas.

Level 3 : Triangle, Square, Rectangle, Parallelogram, Trapezoid, Circle, Kite and Rhombus

Area of Mixed Shapes | Whole Numbers

Strengthen skills in finding the area of a few more 2D shapes like the kite and rhombus in addition to the shapes in level 2. Work out the area of each shape by applying relevant formulas.

Area of Mixed Shapes | Fractions

Figure out the area of the mixed shapes, including kite and rhombus in these worksheets with dimensions given as fractions. Geometrical shapes and word format type of problems are included to hone practice.

Unit conversion, Missing dimensions, Area using grid

Area of Mixed Shapes | Unit Conversion

Blend unit conversion with finding the area in this set of worksheets. The units of the dimensions are different from those specified in the answer. Convert them to the specified unit and then compute the area.

Find the Missing Dimensions using Area

Use appropriate formulas, make the missing dimension the subject, substitute the area and the known dimensions if any, to solve for the missing dimension in these middle school area worksheet PDFs.

Finding the Area of Mixed Shapes using grid

Included here is an interesting way to find the area of mixed shapes. Read the x-axis and y-axis to determine the dimensions of each shape and then apply appropriate formulas to calculate the area in these worksheets.

Stock up your library with the complete set of worksheets on area of mixed shapes.