3D Shapes Charts

Packed in this compilation of 3D shapes charts are visual aids that have proven to improve willingness to learn. Encourage learning process and make it easier and interesting for your kids to get acquainted with solid figures using these printable 3D shapes charts, flashcards, attributes charts, real-life examples chart, and much more. Alternatively use actual objects and models to relate the 3D figures with real-life objects. Begin your journey into this world of 3D shapes with our free charts.

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Basic Solid Shapes Chart

Cube, cone, sphere, rectangular prism, cylinder, and pyramid are the solid shapes that your kindergarten and grade 1 kids will be able to show-and-tell in this visually appealing basic solid shapes chart pdf.

Basic Solid Shapes | Flashcards

As instruction supporters and attention grabbers these flashcards are a must-have for your elementary school kids to develop and enhance skills in identifying the basic 3-dimensional shapes.

Prisms and Pyramids Chart

Keep learning accessible with this super-useful prisms and pyramids pdf chart. This solid shapes chart not only helps kids in identifying prisms and pyramids, but also in differentiating between them.

Solid Shapes Chart | Advanced

Repetition is the sure-fire way to remember the names of solid shapes. Sixteen solid shape names to enhance the descriptive vocabulary of your children is what this printable chart has in store.

Everyday 3D Objects

A spool of thread, a cube of ice, a party hat, these are some 3D shapes we come across every day. Relate 3-dimensional shapes to real-life objects with this chart and look around to build your list of examples.

Attributes of Basic 3D Shapes Chart

Faces, vertices, and edges are the attributes that help tell one solid shape from the other. The biggest benefit of this printable 3D shapes attributes chart is that it distinctly mentions the number of each.

Properties of 3D Shapes | Faces, Edges, and Vertices Chart

Reviewing regularly is important to effective learning. Keeping information straight, this chart clearly states the number of faces, edges, and vertices in each 3D shape.