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Counting Coins and Banknotes | UK Money Worksheets

The objective of this collection of printable worksheets on counting UK money is to teach children of year 4, year 5, and year 6. the fundamental math concept of counting money. The step-by-step approach introduces a few coins and banknotes at a time ranging from penny, pence to pounds through myriad exercises like count coins and write the value, count and match, MCQ, cut and paste shopping activity, saving and spending and many more life skills to manage money. Our free worksheets are definitely worth a try!

Counting Coins | Coins up to 10 Pence

Introduce the concept of counting coins as kids count penny coins and pence. Kids learn to group coins of similar denominations and skip count to find their value and solve word problems too.

Counting coins | Coins up to 50 Pence

Be a cut above the rest with your money counting practice using this batch of printable worksheets to count up to 50 pence coins. Apply the concept of counting British money in real-life scenarios as well.

Counting Coins | Review

Augment practice and test counting money skills as kids count penny, pence and pounds with this set of interesting revision pdf worksheets.

Counting UK Coins & Notes | Coins & Fivers

Familiarize year 4 and year 5 kids with the smallest denomination note: the fiver. Use the skip counting and counting strategies and write the value of each set of notes and coins featured in this unit of printable worksheets.

Counting UK Coins & Notes | Coins, Fivers & Tenners

Double the fun in counting coins as another note: the tenner is introduced. Count the fivers, tenners, pounds, pence and penny coins and write the equivalent amount beside each set.

Counting Coins and Notes | Match

Calculate the total amount in each question and figure out the items that could be bought for ≤ £100 in easy level and ≥ £100 in moderate level and write the correct alphabet to match the item with the amount.

Level: Easy, Moderate (3 worksheets each)

Count & Match U.K. Money to Equivalent Value

Reaffirm the concept of counting UK money with yet another interesting pdf exercise for year 5 and year 6 students. Count the coins and notes and make one-to-one correspondence between them and their actual value.

Count & Match U.K. Money

Count the coins and notes in each set presented in both columns, identify the sets with the equivalent amount and match them to complete this section of counting money worksheets.

Counting Money | MCQ

Reiterate the concept of counting UK money with these printable worksheets. Count all the coins and banknotes and choose the correct amount from the four options.

Cut and Paste Fun on a Shopping Spree!

Can you count money in a flash? This cut and paste money pdf worksheet helps. There're 3 worksheets each of which containing 5 purses for kids to count how much they contain. Bolster your money-counting skills!

Will the money you have get you what you crave?

After a long spell of cutting and pasting, kids in year 5 are now exposed to some real-life money-counting scenarios. Let the young money dealers count the money in each purse and see if it is enough to buy the items.

Start Saving and Stop Splurging!

Let children learn to save money and stop splashing out on things they don't need. There are 3 printable money-saving worksheets and kids closely study the savings in each piggy bank to answer specific questions.