Variation Word Problems Worksheets | Direct, Inverse, Joint, Combined Variation

Learn how to apply the concept of variation in real-life situations with these 15 worksheets exclusively focusing on word problems, involving direct variation, inverse variation, joint variation and combined variation. Students require prerequisite knowledge in solving direct and inverse variation to solve these word problems.

Direct variation word problems

The key to solve these word problems is to comprehend the problem, figure out the relationship between two entities and formulate an equation in the form y = kx. Find the constant of variation, substitute the value and solve.

Inverse variation word problems

In this set of inverse variation worksheets, read the word problem and formulate an equation in the form y = k / x. Find the constant of variation, plug in the values and solve the word problems.

Direct and inverse variation: Mixed word problems

This collection of worksheets is packed with exercises involving a mix of direct and inverse variation word problems. The learner should identify the type of variation and then solves accordingly.

Joint and combined variation

The self-explanatory word problems here specifically deal with joint and combined variations.

Mixed word problems: Direct, Inverse, Joint and Combined

Master the four types of variation with this potpourri of 15 word problems to recapitulate the concepts learnt. Free worksheet is included.

The entire collection of worksheets on direct and inverse variation word problems can be downloaded in a jiffy!