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Solving Proportions Worksheets

Learn how to solve proportions with this set of worksheets that are specially designed for students of grades 6 and 7. A series of multi-level worksheets require students to solve proportions using the cross product method and the answers so derived will be in the form of whole numbers, fractions or decimals. Also, solve worksheets that contain the variables in algebraic expressions. A variety of authentic word problems that incorporate real-life scenarios are also featured here.

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Solve the proportion: Level 1

Each set of proportions contains a variable. Cross-multiply the ratios to determine the value of the unknown. Answers derived will comprise only whole numbers.

Solve the proportion: Level 2

Use the cross product method to solve each proportion. The value of the missing variables will be in the form of either proper fractions or mixed fractions.

Solve the proportion - Decimals

Find the product of extremes and the product of means to solve the equations that contain decimals. Find the value of the unknown. The answer key is available in the next page of each worksheet.

Level 1: Solve the proportion - Algebraic Expression

Evaluate the proportions involving algebraic expressions with two terms. Use the proportionality rule and solve the equations to obtain the value of the missing variable.

Level 2: Solve the proportion - Algebraic Expression

Use the cross product rule to obtain the equation that involves the rational expression on both sides. There are eight problems in each worksheet.

Proportion word problems

Employ this series of printable PDFs based on well-researched real-life word problems. Solve them by applying the proportionality rule. Click on the 'Download All' option to grab all the worksheets in this section.

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