Foldable Net of a Cone

Let students work their way up to excellence with our foldable nets of cone. An amazing combination of fun and learning, understanding the properties of 3D shapes is a topic that students should vie with each other to gain a mastery in. With activities that never fail to inspire elements of excitement among learners, this set of pdf worksheets deliver the foldable net of a cone with such utmost ease, detail, and flexibility that leave learners of grade 4, grade 5, and grade 6 longing for more practice in the topic. Give your preparation a big shot in the arm with a printable chart that works well as a delightful preface to the topic and two brilliant activities where you prove your mettle at making your own 3D shapes.

Nets of 3D Shapes

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Net of a Cone | Chart

Get off to a roaring start with this printable chart where students understand the properties of a net of a cone! A cone is formed when the end of a line is rotated about a second fixed line keeping the line’s other end fixed.

Foldable Net of a Cone

Make a splash by allowing your gift for creating cones shine in use? Follow these guidelines to snip the shape along the dotted lines, use a ruler to fold along the lines, and tuck and glue the shaded parts. Make a cone befitting the little champs of 4th grade, 5th grade, and 6th grades!

Net of a Cone | Penguin Theme

Revel in the sheer pleasure of creating your own conical penguin? Kick-start this cute making-cone worksheet by cutting out the net of a cone. Fold it along the lines using a rule is what you next do. Glue the shaded parts. A brand-new cone is now up and running!