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Front, Top, and Side Views of 3D Shapes Worksheets

Page through these front, top, and side views of 3D shapes worksheet pdfs to assist students of grade 5 through grade 8 in visualizing objects in various angles and creating 2D representations of 3D objects using orthographic projection techniques. Perspective is the tool with which we see life, situations, problems, people, from different views. The concept of viewing rectangular prisms, 3D figures, and real-life objects from multiple angles encourages students to understand that there is more than one way to see things turning them into effective problem solvers later in life. Get off to a good start with our free worksheet.

Front, Top, and Side Views of Rectangular Prisms

Get the eager beavers of 5th grade and 6th grade to choose the two-dimensional depictions from different perspectives such as front, top, and side views to describe each three-dimensional rectangular prism.

Shading Views of Solid Blocks in Grids

Sketch the orthographic projections: front, top, and both right and left side views of the rectangular prisms, and shade the correct number of unit squares on the grid in this printable viewing solid shapes pdf.

Matching Solids to their Orthographic Projections

Rendering each rectangular prism in three principal views and matching each to its 2D orthographic projection is what grade 7 and grade 8 learners do with this orthographic projection of solid figures worksheet.

Viewing 3D Figures from Different Perspectives

Views of 3D figures like cones, cylinders, cubes and more from different perspectives are presented here. Identify the face of the 3D shape that looks like the 2D shape based on the specified view.

Visualizing Real-Life Objects

Examine the views of three-dimensional real-life objects. Visualize and figure out the similarity between the image and its view. Identify and write if it is the top, front, or side view of the 3D object.

Drawing 2D Views of Real-Life 3D Objects

Creativity and learning become inseparable in this drawing views of real-life objects pdf. View each 3-dimensional real-life structure from the specified perspective and make 2D drawings of the same.