Surface Area of a Cone Worksheets

Which three-dimensional shape best describes a party hat? A cone! Take your aspirational math champs on a sweet journey with this assortment of surface area of a cone worksheets! These high-quality printable resources give 6th grade, 7th grade, and 8th grade students an opportunity not just to understand but gain mastery in surface area of cones with important attributes like the radius, diameter, altitude, and slant height. That there is a wide range of topics covered ensures learners are proficient in each topic that counts. Practice using our free worksheets.

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Surface Area of a Cone | Integers - Easy

Resurrect your surface area of a cone practice with these introductory worksheets featuring radius and height! Substitute the given values in the formula SA = πr2 + πrl to find the surface area of each cone. Based on Pythagorean Theorem, the formula for finding the slant height is l = √(r2 + h2).

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Surface Area of a Cone | Integers - Moderate

Lend your 6th grade and 7th grade learners a helping hand with these no-prep surface area of cones exercises! Look for the radius, diameter, altitude (perpendicular height), and slant height and substitute the values in the formula.

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Surface Area of a Cone | Decimals

Regenerate your practice sessions with these printable 8th grade pdfs featuring dimensions of the cone in decimals. Measure the surface area by plugging in the known values in the formula.

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Surface Area of a Cone | Fractions

Spark excitement among young learners with these innovative 3-part surface area of a cone worksheets involving fractions and integers. Plug the values in the formula and determine the surface area of each cone.

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Finding the Missing Measure

Add vigor to your learning with these PDF worksheets and quickly find the missing measure of the cone when its surface area and one of the dimensions are given by rearranging the formula. These exercises are supplied with 3D models and word problems.

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