Foldable Net of a Cube

Such is the learning cachet of a foldable net of a cube that children cannot resist the temptation of spending hours in its company, as they make acquaintance with these 3D shapes and the world of learning they set open. Dice, a 3-dimensional shape with six identical square sides, is an excellent example of a cube. All of its angles are right angles. Our foldable net of a cube worksheet pdfs for grade 4, grade 5, and grade 6 first guide students through the properties of this shape with a clearly drawn chart before getting the little genius in them working to create their own cubes. So, learn and don't miss the tons of fun in store for you in the activities!

Nets of 3D Shapes

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Net of a Cube | Chart

An all-time hit among math aficionados, a foldable net of a cube is a blend of math and life skills. Know the properties of a cube by working closely with this printable chart that puts everything in a nutshell! Cubes will no longer feel like a maze!

Foldable Net of a Cube

Let practicing nets of a cube be an affair abuzz with excitement, with this amazing cut and glue activity! Use your scissors to snip the outline of the shape, and glue them on the tabs to obtain a perfect cube.

Make Your Own Cube Puppy

Have you seen a cube as adorable as a puppy? Here's one! Watch cube learning snowball into an awesome 3-dimensional affair with this animal-themed worksheet. Make your own cube by snipping the net, folding it, and gluing the shaded parts.