Volume of a Cube Worksheets

Walk through this unit of volume of a cube worksheets hand-picked for students of grade 5 and grade 6 comprising PDFs with problems presented as solid shapes and as word problems. A cube is a unique 3-dimensional shape that has squares for all six of its sides. Know the formula for the volume of the cube and use it to solve mathematical problems. Also, learn to find the side length of the cubes.

Select the Measurement Units

Volume of Cubes | Integers - Easy

Multiply the length of the given side thrice to calculate the volume. Gain a conceptual understanding of volume and solve problems presented as 3D shapes and in word problems with dimensions involving integers ≤ 20.

Volume of Cubes | Integers - Moderate

Add-on to your practice and level up with this batch of volume of a cube worksheets. Find the volume of each cube whose side lengths are presented as 2-digit integers.

Volume of Cubes | Decimals

Plug in the measure of the side length (a) in the volume of a cube formula V = a3 to determine the volume of the cube. The side length is expressed as decimals. Compute and round off the answer to two decimal places.

Volume of Cubes | Fractions

Convert mixed fractions to improper fractions if required and then multiply side length thrice presented as fractions to figure out the volume enclosed by the cube.

Finding the Side length of the Cube

Solve for the side length or the edge of the cube by rearranging the volume of the cube formula. Determine the cube root of the given volume to find the length of the side. Round off to the nearest tenth.

The entire collection of worksheets on volume of cubes can be downloaded in a jiffy!