Volume of a Prism Worksheets | Mixed Review

This extensive compilation of volume of prisms worksheets enables children to find the volume of triangular, rectangular, trapezoidal and polygonal prisms. Featured here are innumerable exercises to practice finding the volume of prisms using dimensions of varying base faces expressed as decimals and integers. The worksheets offer problems presented as 3D shapes and word format with easy and moderate levels classified based on the range of numbers used.

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Find the Volume of Prisms using Base Area | Integers

The area of the base face of each prism and a dimension are expressed as integers. Multiply the two to compute the volume of the triangular and rectangular prisms featured in these worksheets.

Find the Volume of Prisms using Base Area | Decimals

Intensify the practice in calculating the volume of prisms efficiently and accurately using decimal measures. Determine the volume of six 3D shapes and two-word format problems in each worksheet.

Volume of Rectangular Prisms

Get your brains active with this bundle of rectangular prisms worksheets. Compute the volume of rectangular prisms and crosscheck with the answer keys for an instant validation.

(33 Worksheets)

Volume of Triangular Prisms

Learn to apply the area of the cross-section and the known dimensions in the formula to find the volume of each triangular prism. Practice finding the missing dimensions as well.

(24 Worksheets)

Volume of Prisms | Bases - Trapezoid and Parallelogram

Incorporate these worksheets on volume of prisms encompassing trapezoidal and parallelogram bases offering an easy level for beginners with dimensions ≤ 20 and a moderate level with 2-digit dimensions.

Level: Easy, Moderate (3 worksheets each)

Volume of Prisms | Bases -Trapezoid and Parallelogram | Decimals

Work out each problem by finding the area of the trapezoidal or parallelogram base faces. To do this, simply plug the known values expressed as decimals into the formula and determine the volume.

Volume of Polygonal Prisms | Level 1

Get a hands-on experience in finding the volume of regular prisms using the side length, apothem and the height given. The polygons featured here range from three-sided to six-sided figures.

Find the Volume of Polygonal Prisms | Level 2

Raise the bar with this set of volume of polygonal prism worksheets. Employ the height and the given perimeter or side length to find the apothem and then determine the volume of each prism.

Volume of Prisms | Revision - Integers | Level 1

Perfect as a review exercise, these worksheets present prisms with triangular or quadrilateral bases with two levels of difficulty. Begin with the easy level, then move on to the moderate level.

Level: Easy, Moderate (3 worksheets each)

Volume of Prisms | Mixed Review - Decimals | Level 1

Find the volume of each of the eight prisms that are a mix of triangular and quadrilateral base faces with measures denoted as decimals. Direct students of grades 6 to apply relevant formulas to solve for the volume.

Volume of Prisms | Mixed Review | Level 2

Intensify your practice and level up with this cluster of volume of mixed prisms worksheets involving triangular, quadrilateral and polygonal bases and dimensions depicted as decimals and integers.

Find the Missing Dimensions

Review the concept of finding the volume with prisms whose bases are either triangles, squares, rectangles or parallelograms. Use the volume and the dimension provided to solve for the unknown measure.

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