Volume of a Cylinder Worksheets

This compilation of printable volume of a cylinder worksheets comes handy in providing 8th grade and high school students with sound knowledge in determining the volume of cylinders. Bolster practice with exercises presented as 3D shapes and as word problems involving real-life scenarios with dimensions expressed as integers and decimals. Find the radius from the diameter, figure out the volume, learn to convert to specified units and solve for missing dimensions too. Kick into gear with our free worksheets!

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Volume of a Cylinder | Integers - Easy

Explain the volume of a cylinder formula and assist students in applying it to solve mathematical and real-life word problems. The height and radius of the cylinders are expressed as integers.

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Volume of a Cylinder | Integers - Moderate

The height and diameter (or radius) of each cylindrical object are provided. Divide the diameter by 2 to determine the radius. Use the formula V = πr2h to compute the volume.

  • moderate 1
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Volume of a Cylinder | Integers - Difficult

Intensify practice with this batch of pdf volume of a cylinder worksheets for grade 8. The dimensions are expressed in different units of measurement. Convert the units to the one specified and then find the volume.

  • difficult 1
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  • difficult 3
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  • difficult 6

Volume of a Cylinder | Decimals - Easy

Each dimension of the cylinder is presented as a decimal measure. Figure out the volume of each cylinder by plugging in the dimensions in the volume formula. Solve real-life word problems too.

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Volume of a Cylinder | Decimals - Moderate

Determine the radius from the diameter. Apply the volume of a cylinder formula V = πr2h, substitute the value of the radius and height in the formula and compute the volume of each cylinder.

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Volume of a Cylinder | Decimals - Difficult

Augment your practice in finding the volume of cylinders involving unit conversions. Direct students to convert the units in the dimensions to the indicated unit and then determine the volume.

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  • practice 3
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  • practice 6

Missing Parameter | Level 1

Walk through this batch of high school pdf worksheets with volume presented in terms of pi. Rearrange the formula, making the missing parameter the subject, substitute the known values and solve for the missing dimension.

  • worksheet 1
  • worksheet 2
  • worksheet 3

Missing Parameter | Level 2

Assign the values of the volume and the radius or height and also the value of pi in the rearranged volume formula. Compute and find the missing height or radius in these printable volume of a cylinder worksheets.

  • exercise 1
  • exercise 2
  • exercise 3