Foldable Net of an Octagonal Prism

Are you trying to work around your deficiencies in the foldable net of an octagonal prism? Look no further! These worksheets are great material for children to get started with their 3D shapes in an octagonal-prism setting. Consisting of 8 faces and 2 bases, an octagonal prism has a little more complex structure. What's interesting, though, is that an octagonal prism makes its presence felt as much in real life as it does in math. So, you kill two birds with one stone. We highly recommend that you print the nets on stock paper rather than regular paper, as it provides better durability. These printable worksheets are especially prepared for grade 4, grade 5, and grade 6 students. Go grab these worksheets and take your preparation a rank up!

Nets of 3D Shapes

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Net of an Octagonal Prism | Chart

A printable chart that encapsulates the main aspect of a topic is a learner's delight. Depicting how 2D nets are converted into 3D shapes, this folding octagonal prism chart delivers exactly what's expected of it.

Foldable Net of an Octagonal Prism

Origami is a super effective tool in teaching shapes. Craft your way up the ladder of an octagonal prism with this lovely activity pdf, where the task is to cut and glue 2D nets to form an octagonal prism using the step-by-step procedure. The resource is ideal for students of 4th grade, 5th grade and 6th grade.

Net of an Octagonal Prism | Spider

Learning with no entertainment can be monotonous. Have tons of fun as you cut out the net, fold, and glue! Make an octagonal prism shaped spider and see how your face beams with joy.