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Foldable Net of an Octagonal Pyramid

With octagonal pyramids, your learning and practice of transforming 2D shapes into 3D shapes burgeons at a tremendous pace. Having the origin of its name in a Greek word "octa" meaning "eight", an octagonal pyramid is a polygonal pyramid that has an eight-sided polygonal base and triangular faces, all of which join at the center of the apex. The octagonal pyramid has nine sides together. Phew! Does that sound like the plot is thickening beyond comprehension? Don't freak out yet! We have it disentangled in our printable nets worksheets for students of grade 4, grade 5, and grade 6. Learning the properties of an octagonal pyramid is a stress-free experience!

Nets of 3D Shapes

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Net of an Octagonal Pyramid | Chart

What better way to get off to a flying start in octagonal pyramids than with an introductory chart! Become familiar with the two-dimensional version of an octagonal pyramid! Take advantage of this pdf chart, and make a first confident move in exploring the octagonal pyramid.

Foldable Net of an Octagonal Pyramid

Let your octagonal creativity go great guns with this 4th grade, 5th grade, and 6th grade printable net of an octagonal pyramid cut-out! Give your imagination full play, and create a three-dimensional octagonal pyramid. Making your own octagonal pyramids has never been this playful!

Make Your Own Octagonal Octopus

If better motor skills are what you are after, there's every chance you get excited about this activity. Get a pair of scissors and glue, snip the net of the octagonal pyramid, and glue the tabs. Your handmade octopus is a feast for the eyes, isn't it?