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Volume of a Pyramid Worksheets

Work out the volume of the pyramids with rectangular, triangular and polygonal base faces. Calculate the volume by plugging in the measures expressed as integers and decimals in the appropriate formulas. The 8th grade and high school printable worksheets are classified into two levels. Level 1 comprises polygons with 3 or 4-sided base faces, while level 2 includes polygonal base faces. Practice finding the missing measures as well. Explore some of these worksheets for free!

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Finding Volume using Base Area | Integers

Jump-start your learning with this batch of PDF worksheets for 8th grade and 9th grade students on mixed pyramids featuring rectangular and triangular pyramids. Apply apt formulas to find the volume using the base area measure expressed as integers.

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Finding Volume using Base Area | Decimals

Advance to the next level consisting of pyramids whose base faces are rectangles or triangles, and the base area is indicated as decimals. Multiply the base area with the height and divide by 3 to compute the volume.

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Volume of Rectangular Pyramids

Volume of Rectangular Pyramids

Exclusively dealing with rectangular pyramids, these PDF worksheets for 9th grade and 10th grade students are a must-have for thorough knowledge and practice in finding the volume of rectangular pyramids offering varied levels of difficulty.

(24 Worksheets)

Volume of Triangular Pyramids

Volume of Triangular Pyramids

Make strides in your practice with these printable worksheets on finding the volume of triangular pyramids or tetrahedrons. Try the easy, moderate and challenging levels with integer and decimal dimensions.

(24 Worksheets)

Finding Volume of Polygonal Pyramids using Apothem | Level 1

Another essential step is to determine the volume of pyramids with polygonal base faces. Plug in the apothem(a), number of sides(n), side length(s) and height(h) in the formula V = 1/6 * ansh and compute the volume.

  • practice 1
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Volume of Polygonal Pyramids using Side length or Perimeter | Level 2

The side length or perimeter and height are provided. First, find the apothem (apothem = side / 2 tan (180/n)), and then assign the known values in the volume formula to solve for volume of polygonal pyramids.

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Volume of Pyramids | Level 1 - Integers - Easy

The easy level contains pyramids with integer dimensions ≤ 20. One-third of the base area of the square, rectangle or a triangle multiplied by the height results in the volume of the pyramid. Recommended for grade 8 and grade 9 children.

  • easy 1
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  • easy 3

Volume of Pyramids | Level 1 - Integers - Moderate

Polish up your skills in finding the volume of pyramids with this section of high school geometry worksheets presenting pyramids as 3D shapes and in the word format with 3 or 4-sided base faces involving integer dimensions ≥ 20.

  • moderate 1
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  • moderate 3

Volume of Pyramids | Level 1 - Decimals

Scale new heights as you practice solving for volume with these pdf worksheets posing a challenge with decimal dimensions. Apply relevant formula, substitute and calculate the volume of each pyramid.

  • exercise 1
  • exercise 2
  • exercise 3

Volume of Pyramids | Level 2

With the sides of the base face, increases the level of difficulty. Figure out the volume of the triangular, rectangular and polygonal pyramids applying suitable formulas and bolster skills.

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  • pdf 3

Volume of Pyramids | Missing Measure

Motivate learners to give these printable worksheets a quick try. All they have to do is simply rearrange the formula, making the missing measure (x) the subject, plug in the known values and solve!

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