Inverse of Matrices Worksheets

Inverse of the matrix = Adj (A) / Det A. Inverse does not exist if det A becomes zero. Inverse matrix helpful in code and decode the secret messages. We provide inverse matrix worksheets covering existence of inverse, finding inverse, coding and decoding messages.

2 x 2 Matrices - Easy

Check for the existence of inverse. All entries are integers.



3 x 3 Matrices - Easy

Find the determinant value of each matrix and check for the existence of inverse in 3 x 3 matrices.

Check 3 x 3-1

Check 3 x 3-2

Find the Inverse

First check for existence, find adjoint then find the inverse of the given matrices.

2 x2 Inverse

3 x3 Inverse

2 x 2 Matrices - Moderate

Find the couple of inverse matrix worksheets of order 2 x2 with entries in integers and fractions.



3 x 3 Matrices - Moderate

Couple of 3 x 3 matrices is ready to check for the existence of inverse with entries involving fractions.

Find Det-1

Find Det-2

Find Det-3

Code/Decode the Secrets

Get practice in coding and decoding messages with the help of these worksheets. Use substitution scheme and matrices to crack/code the secret word or sentence.

Code the Secret

Decode the Secret

Stock up your library with the complete set of worksheets on inverse of matrices.