Inverse of Matrices Worksheets

Inverse of the matrix = Adj (A) / Det A. Inverse does not exist if det A becomes zero. Inverse matrix helps to code and decode secret messages. We provide printable inverse matrix worksheets ideal for high school students, covering the existence of inverse, finding inverse, coding and decoding messages. Grab a few of them for free!

2 x 2 Matrices - Easy

Check for the existence of inverse. All entries are integers.



3 x 3 Matrices - Easy

Find the determinant value of each matrix and check for the existence of inverse in 3 x 3 matrices.

Check 3 x 3-1

Check 3 x 3-2

Find the Inverse

High school students need to first check for existence, find the adjoint next, and then find the inverse of the given matrices.

2 x2 Inverse

3 x3 Inverse

2 x 2 Matrices - Moderate

Find a couple of inverse matrix worksheet pdfs of order 2 x2 with entries in integers and fractions.



3 x 3 Matrices - Moderate

Couple of 3 x 3 matrices is ready to check for the existence of inverse with entries involving fractions.

Find Det-1

Find Det-2

Find Det-3

Code/Decode the Secrets

Get practice in coding and decoding messages with the help of these pdf worksheets. Use substitution scheme and matrices to crack/code the secret word or sentence.

Code the Secret

Decode the Secret