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Order of Matrices Worksheets

We can identify the order of a matrix by the number of rows and columns. If there are m rows and n columns in a matrix, then the order is m x n. Matrices called by special names based on its order. If m = n, then the matrix called as square matrix. If m = 1, then it is row matrix, if n = 1, then it is column matrix.

Find the Element

A matrix is given. Identify the element of a matrix from the position of row and column. If the entry is a12, identify the element from row 1 and column 2

Order of a Matrix

Watch out the number of rows and columns.

Order of Sum/Difference

Find the order of the resultant matrices after addition or subtraction. (No calculation; Just order)

Order of a Product - 1

If the order of A is m x n, order of B is n x p, then the order of AB is m x p.

Order of a Product - 2

Check the possibility for multiplication, then find the order of a resultant matrix.

Equation into Matrix

Represent the equations in augmented matrix form. Coefficients of variables go left and the constant will go right.

Order of a Null or Unit Matrix

No matter what the entries are.

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