Kilogram and Metric Ton Worksheets

Ever wondered what the weight of an African elephant is? Colossal beyond your imagination, this animal can be as heavy as 7000 kilograms or 7 metric tons (or tonnes). Did you notice the two units here: the kilograms and metric tons? Don't worry yet! We are going to tell you the whole story blow by blow. The worksheets below are abounding with practice in converting between kilogram and metric tons. Featuring integer and decimal measures, this bunch of unit conversion worksheets are meticulously prepared for students of grade 4, grade 5, and grade 6. You can access some of these worksheets for free!

Unit Conversion | Kilogram and Metric Ton - Integers

Which is greater: 900 kilograms or 2 metric tons? Want to answer this question and loads of such questions in an instant? These printable worksheets, ideal for 4th grade and 5th grade, offer instant help.

pdf 1

pdf 2

pdf 3

Unit Conversion | Kilogram and Metric Ton - Type 1

Guide your boys and girls through these pdfs and watch them easily convert between units. Count on "1 metric ton = 1000 kilograms" to help convert metric tons to kilograms and kilograms to metric tons.

printable 1

printable 2

printable 3

Unit Conversion | Kilogram and Metric Ton - Type 2

Are you a teacher, parent, or tutor looking for upgrades and lots of guided practice in converting metric tons to kilograms and vice versa? These exercises, rich with test materials on the topic, come in handy.

practice 1

practice 2

practice 3