Converting between Milliliters and Liters Worksheets

Dive into these printable worksheets on converting between milliliters and liters, and help grade 3, grade 4, and grade 5 kids master conversions. Begin with converting from liters to milliliters, followed by milliliters to liters, and find an enormous collection to recapitulate capacity unit conversions, we sure have something for everyone in our collection. Find common threads in conversion factors and memorize them as a prelude to working on these liquid volume conversion problems. Grab your free worksheets and get the ball rolling!

Conversion from Liters to Milliliters

How many milliliters make a liter? Simply divide the capacity in liters by 1000 to solve problems like this. Step the practice of your third grade students up a gear with these liter to milliliter conversion worksheets.

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Conversion from Milliliters to Liters

Pamela bought a 22-Liter canister. How many milliliters of oil can it hold? Distribute these handouts and watch how fourth grade kids multiply the liquid volume measures by 1000 to convert them from milliliters to liters.

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Conversion between Milliliters and Liters | Measuring Jugs

Opt for these pdf worksheets comprising measuring jugs, if you are looking for basic capacity unit conversion problems. Recollect conversion factors and decide if you have to multiply or divide by 1000 to convert units.

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Conversion between Milliliters and Liters | Integers

How skilled are 4th grade students in converting between liters and milliliters? Transit from one unit to the other, complete conversion tables, compare capacity measures and more in these pdfs.

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Conversion between Milliliter and Liter | Revision

Let the examples guide you and drive your practice, and see the magic work as students walk through these pdfs on converting from milliliters to liters in the first part and vice versa in the latter part.

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Conversion between Milliliter and Liter | More Practice

The go-getters of fifth grade get better at taking new challenges as they apply apt conversion factors to switch between the two units of liquid volumes in these printable capacity unit conversion worksheets.

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